HI guys, just seen another Michael Jackson signed sketch, what are your thoughts on this one, there seems a few around at present.

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I have physically examined for authentication over 2 dozen of this style Michael Jackson signed drawings. I am sorry to say I do not believe the drawings nor the signatures are authentic. I have gone as far as to discuss the providence and authentication of these sketches with one of Michael Jackson's art teachers as well as some of his closest friends. Most strongly believe the drawings and signatures to be not likely genuine. First I learned that Michael Jackson was pretty modest about his drawings and art. He loved to draw and wanted to be more involved in art but he was very critical being a perfectionist.
Michael would sometime give some art work away as a gift or to fans but it was very rare and his drawings were usually much more professional and skillful.   

Thank you, for your quick reply and info. Reckon I should steer clear of it then.  Did you see the  sketch on Ebay at present?

Do you authenticate the art or just the signature!?

Ive asked JSA & PSA and in their response back to me, from what ive understood that they dont authenticate the art only the signature.


Heres a similar motive done by MJ...dont know if its real.


Neither the drawing nor the autograph are authentic. I've seen Michael Jackson's real drawings, and even the drawings sold on Julien's were fake in my opinion.

Thanks Sandra, What do you think about the one listed on ebay at present?   I've been told it's going to be hard to find a real sketch of Michaels.

Do you have a link to the sketch on eBay?

This is the other sketch I  referred to Sandra. Listed at the moment on ebay.

Looks like there are quiet a few around and they all seem to be fakes, so why are all the experts passing them off as ok and offering COA's?

This signed sketch has a very good chance of being authentic. Via scan I can not tell you 100% but the signature as well as the artwork does match most of the characteristics of an authentic Michael Jackson signed sketch. I will post a few 100% authentic signed Michael Jackson drawings when I return to my office.
I have been waiting on a response from matthew george, do you know if he was the person offering the 1st signed sketch posted..

Are you referring to the last one I posted, the one on ebay at present, or one of the others Michael?

Trying to get a nice sketck to hang in my study.

Mr Frost,this is the history of the MJ signed drawing above dated 1998(lion king self portrait ?)the original owner sent PAAS a scan to confirm if it was genuine or not before it was listed on ebay,the reply from PAAS was,and I quote;LIKELY TO BE GENUINE;Our authenticators believe that the item,if physically submitted to PAAS for examination,would likely receive our certificate of authenticity.Thankyou for your trust in PAAS,Michael Frost......Please contact PAAS for our full Letter of Authenticity.(954) 450-4283.... The drawing didn't sell (priced too high) in the same year 2009 I purchased it privately as an investment to leave my grandchildren,based on your email thinking it must be genuine,the original seller who is no longer with us assumed also for it to be genuine based on your examination,and now to be told it is not so you can imagine how I'm feeling,probably the only person that would know if it was genuine would be MJ himself.....




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