HI guys, just seen another Michael Jackson signed sketch, what are your thoughts on this one, there seems a few around at present.

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I am very sorry about any confusion on the examination and authentication of the original posted sketch ((Lion King) with signature. I would really need the information on the person who purchased and requested the On-Line review of this item in 2009. We do have a file of items that have been reviewed and e-mails saved with the reply's to the customer.  Could you please give the name of the original seller and the information on the ebay purchase you had made containing the P.A.A.S. information. Unfortunately you are have only received a portion of the P.A.A.S. email from the seller and our finding would show the examination was not for this item. If you care to contact me privately  our e-mail is specialagent711@aol.com   . I will try to help you in any way possible.   

Mr Frost.I do have the original full email received from PAAS,the first page is listed below with the scan of the signature on the drawing,I will list the other pages hopefully today....thankyou

Please find below the original email sent by PAAS,you will see that page 1and 3 has the MJ signature as on the drawing and page 2 is a scan of the actual drawing...total of 3 complete pages..thankyou

Lol. What can you say.

I can guarantee to you that is an altered email and not the one sent to the customer. We do not add the photo to the body of the e-mail . The item description has been removed from the top of the e-mail and that would be bold underlined and say / Via Scan:
There is also a 2nd line missing from the e-mail, who forwarded you this email? Is this directly from the seller or was this something he added to his eBay description.? I have seen this happen on a few accessions, where some one take a portion of out email and adds it to a description. This was something that happened a lot more often a couple of years ago. We now review many of listings to check on the accuracy of the description and the use of our name and logo.     

Something definitely does not "add up". 

Your first page of your email scans says Page 1 of 2  (two).  What happened to Page 2 of 2?  

Then you add two more pages that say Page 2 of 3 and Page 3 of 3  Where is the original page 1 of 3? 

Similar drawing without signature sold at Juliens.

They look too much identical...maybe one of them is traced!?


That's a horrible sketch and the autograph is pathetic.

This one also authenticated by PSA.

Signature very similar to the profile sketch currently on ebay and the one sold at Juliens.

This looks "almost" identical to this one...  which was sold at Juliens-unsigned. 


Here is an article on the drawing.  http://makeupmag.com/news/newsID/653/  ---closely looking at the lines and details from the article by Michael Thomas--a make-up artist who worked on Jackson in "The Wiz", the Juliens one matches up perfectly---but its not identical to the one above listed by Dennis from an ebay sale. 

Its kind of odd though looking back at the article in the makeup mag.  The Frankenstein drawing - was supposedly done by the make-up artist (per his own recollection in the article).... yet Juliens lists it as an MJ drawing (unless MJ did one too, which of course is possible).  We'll never know for sure, since both are now deceased.  Here is the Julien's "Frankenstein" from a sketch pad.


As well as another that was sold from apparently the same person... (unsigned)


They all come with provenance from The Wiz set drawings by Michael Jackson in 1977.

Personally I question anything Julien's / MJ - since the Bush fiasco though.

Thanks for those.   If you listen to everything that's been listed about MJ and his sketch's, you wouldn't purchase anything again.

Hi Dennis,

If it were me, and I was looking to purchase anything that needed authentication regarding handwriting and/or even MJ drawings, I would run it by Roger Epperson 1st.  He has been on top of MJ forgeries for years, as well as being the #1 guy to go to in Michael Jackson's sigs (no offense Mr Frost :) 

I might run an item through this forum and do all my homework first so I am not submitting multiple items to Roger, but even if everyone here stated that something "looked" authentic and I was set to buy, I would STILL have him take a look and have him give me an opinion.  I would also ask the seller to guarantee the item will pass Roger's in person inspection after purchase. 

Roger Epperson is on this forum or you can try to contact him thru his website http://rogerepperson.com/ 



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