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...fool me once

Took a chance but going back if stamped.  Looking forward to release day when we compare photos. 

All I'm saying is "Yikes". Unless the Bob Dylan kerfuffle has scared him straight.

Easiest Pass of the year! Not after his last debacle! 

After the last ozzy’s were real I figured I’d take a chance.  If they are stamped our autopenned I’ll send back.  They took the other ones back very quickly. 

Hard pass as these will be stamped or autopen. Anyone who falls for this again deserves to be hosed LOL 

Van the Auto Pen Man . Going to pass on these after the last experience with Van 

Maybe Newbury will get some signed like with The Prophet Speaks ..... i won't hold my breath though! 

Might have risked a signed cd but not a bundle.

Easy pass on this. Not going to get hornswaggled again.

It does not say "hand signed"



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