I hung my head when I saw this piece had sold.

Terrible forgery. It sold for a whopping $2,250.  At a time when there a half a dozen real Elvis signatures available on eBay, most of which could be purchased for less than this mess. It's been up on eBay for months and months and someone finally bit.


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Stunning that someone would drop $2,200 based on the authentication of an unnamed "reputable dealer."

Sometimes they just don't know Zippy.

I understand. But it still boggles my mind that someone would drop over 2 grand on something that a) they obviously have no knowledge of and b) based their decision on something as vague and nebulous as "an expert has said this is good."

I put more due diligence into a $25 baseball autograph.

It boggles my mind that someone would spend $2,250 on an autograph they obviously have no familiarity with and not get a $7.49 quick opinion. They must just not know. Perhaps all autographed items over $500 or maybe $1,000 should have a PSA option in the thread. I wish eBay would just get better at patrolling their site, at least for the most expensive blatant forgeries on there. The only way I'd ever believe Elvis signed this item was the time he took LSD. This stuff is just that bad.

It's sad that nobody claimed this item through the "Auction Abuse" at www.isitreal.com as we could have tried to suspend this forgery.

There are so many, Markus. Most don't even resemble Elvis' genuine signature.

Here's a Dwight Eisenhower signed photo which matches a pre-print signature on isitreal. The $500 it sold for on eBay would be on the high side even if it were authentic.


Judging by all the autopen Reagan signatures selling on eBay, I think buyers are only utilizing one half of Reagan's mantra. They have the trust part down pat but seem to forget about verify.

I am interested in one day getting an Elvis signed piece. Are there any good values for authentic pieces on there right now. 


Brandes Autographs have two currently up for sale at a fairly reasonable price on eBay. I'm unaware if the price is at all negotiable. signedsealeddel.com has a couple Elvis pieces on that website as well.

There were two pieces on eBay in recent weeks that I liked in a decent price range. One, the seller took the listing down and the other sold.

It depends really on what you're looking for, David.



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