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i have this Hendrix to get as an option. signed by all 3 member of Jimi Hendrix Experience.

anyone who is familiar with Hendrix - would be great to get opinions.

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the COA scan in better resolution

Donald Frangipani is on eBay's banned list

thanks Dan!

This is a good example of why he was banned.

thanks so is this a definite forgery?

Yes Arvind, definetly a forgery. Looks like it was signed by Jimi 2 weeks ago. This authenticator, cough cough, is a joke. And as others said, this is why he is on ebays banned list. Was he involved in Bullpen??

thanks Carl. i have flagged this to the seller!

Yes, I agree that it's a definite forgery.

I love the part about "scientific examination". lol. I guess ol Donald Frangipani isnt even good enough for the Forensic Document Examiner title. He apparently has started his own brand, the Examiners of Questioned Documents. LOL. I just dont understand how the Feds havent handled this guy many times over. But they just dont care. No more authentication went into this item, than a quick glance over. And Donald was probably laughing as he looked at it, followed by the stamp and seal of approval. Then a walk outside to congratulate himself on a job well done, followed by a smoke. Can you imagine when someone asks this guy what he does for a living.......Yeah im an Examiner of questioned documents who is on ebays banned list for authenticating forgeries. His children must be proud.

And who in the world would make a display out of a Hendrix piece like that. Lets just say it was authentic. That would put its value in the ballpark of many thousands of dollars. So then why in the world would someone frame that generic home printed COA under it. LOL. As if it added anything to it or would even look good in the display.

Arvind, is that COA framed in the display from a UACC dealer?? I cant tell from the pic, but kinda looks like it. If it is a UACC dealer, please post his dealer number and name. I cant even imagine a respectable UACC dealer selling this crap. And he needs to take it back and apologize for offering it. Well wait, im not surprised. I have seen more UACC dealers selling crap then i can shake a stick at. There are many good ones, but too many sell garbage mixed with good. This is an example of garbage. For a min i thought that that framed COA was from The Vanderhoven. Wouldnt have surprised me

Miller's Nostalgia, RD 113.  If they were a registered dealer, they aren't anymore.  Regardless, that's an awful COA for a high-end item.  The fact that it's framed with the item is equally awful.

thanks Rich!


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