Hey all,

I came across this Chris Cornell signature on eBay. I am interested to know what everybody thinks.

It's signed on a black drumhead that says the title of his album "Euphoria Morning" on it.

The only thing that is odd is that the seller (ppwf2006)seems to specialize exclusively in pro wrestling signatures and memorabilia. I contacted the seller and asked how he came upon this item, and he said that he had a buddy who is a "music nut", who wanted to sell his collection. He also said that even though it isn't certified by the PSA, it will pass.

So what do we think? Is this legit?

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Seller is not using decent photos in this auction. Ask for a good large photo - flat-on scan preferable. 

Search this seller on Toolhaus.org and let it show 100% of what there is to see.

Hi Eric,

I searched this seller on the website you said, and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Was I supposed to? Perhaps I just don't know how to use the site properly.

Toolhaus results

Hi Trevor :)

Ah... I see now. So I'm guessing this would be a red flag, huh? Ha!

The only red flag is the price

The sig is good

This looks Legit

But the price is insanely too high

If I decide to purchase it, I think I can talk him down a bit. What (in your opinion) would be a fair price for this piece?

the price isn't even worth negotiating

250 tops

he's got a Peter Criss for 499 = insane as well

skip this guy... you can do better

That does seem a bit steep. And from what he told me he doesn't want to separate too much from that price tag. Oh well. Such a cool item.

What do you think of this one? The price seems to be a bit better. And it's JSA certified.

Hi Trevor,

I thought I should mention - several collectors here, including me and Shawn (Goodcat), view that sticker as damage/vandalism/free advertising. I would suggest looking for an example that, if stickered, bears the sticker on the Reverse. For me, I do not buy, sell or recommend anything that has been vandalized/marked.

Wow! I never would have guessed that having that sticker would be such an issue.

I'm just starting to get into autograph collecting (can you tell? ha!), and I guess as a regular consumer I always viewed that sticker as a good thing.

Aside from the vandalization (I believe Goodcat suggested it could be removed?) do you think this is a good example of an authentic item?


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