I'm just looking for some opinions on these two 8x10 signed photos of Anya Taylor-Joy, listed for sale on Etsy by Ed Bedrick Autographs. All feedback is appreciated.

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She doesnt have much of a signature and its basically like this.  Easy to forge.    This almost looks like the same signature in 2 different colors. Check out your seller for further info.

Sorry for the late reply, Steve. I have come to my own conclusion that these are either outright forgeries, or else a pair of very, very atypical signatures that just happen to look basically identical. However,  I'm leaning towards option #1, primarily because I ventured onto Etsy to Ed's store and found two more autographs that look this exact same way in style, curve, everything! I don't know for sure about this being inauthentic, but my gut feeling is that Ed is probably unaware of this. His website says that he was a UACC registered dealer (and regional director in several states), but this collection of atypical and far too similar signatures speaks for itself I believe. It appears he does get some of his inventory from third parties too, so idk.

This is a big mistake on my part to have prematurely purchased the first photo. Lesson learned, so anyways now I am trying to find myself an actual authentic one. I've done a lot of looking and scrounging around. I found these two, so I'd appreciate your or anyone's feedback on them if you have the time.  The b&w one is from RACC trusted seller AllTimeGreatAuthentics. The other photo is the description of it. The middle picture is the second photo, from Thomas Hartz (signforme on eBay) and he's RACC trusted too.

Sorry for all the excess of information, lol. Just let me know what you think about either of these if you can. Thanks.



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