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Don't like it plus the likelihood of white album sigs is very unlikely..

Here are some more from the same seller. 


This was done by the legendary "Southern California Forgers"...there were tons of these coming out of that area...hence the name!!

Thanks! Figured it was too good to be true. The auctioneer has a ton of stuff from the same seller. Lots of albums, jackets, tickets, etc. All from the same person. Bidding is at roughly $500 each for the Beatles albums. A few days to go on the auction.

Yes dead giveaway on 500 for a beatles signed album expect to pay tons..

Agreed. Autograph Central and Christopher Morales. What a disastrous auction.

This looks pretty bad to me, I would have thought if they were going to sign the White Album they would most likely take up a lot more space for their signatures with all that white space.

Thank you so much to those of you who participate in this website.  My husband actually purchased one of the autographed albums in this auction that you're talking about (fortunately, not one of the expensive Beatles ones!) and I went back to the auction house and told them that the autograph is fake and we are not paying for this item.  I told them they should cancel the auction and offer refunds, especially to those folks that paid thousands and thousands of dollars for the Beatles albums.  I also contacted the Invaluable website to let them know of the problems with this particular auction.  Not sure what will happen.  The auction house is still claiming that I should pay for the items, but that's not going to happen.  Apparently, this Marty Fettman guy passed away and left a warehouse full of fake autographs and possibly counterfeit merchandise.  I believe one of the other auction participants has contacted the AZ Attorney General's office to look into it since there are at least 2 more auctions coming up in this same estate.  Thank you for speaking up and being part of the solution!!!



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