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Hey guys, I just wanted to know your guys opinion on the eBay seller Aplusgraphs. Is he reliable, does he sell authentic, has he had any past records of any scandalous activity. Please let me know your opinions and experience with him as that would help me out greatly as I’m looking at a few of his pieces. Thank you!

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He (Anthony J. Risi) is 100% an IP grapher, and has been for several decades. He is RACC-trusted as well. Probably one of the best graphers around, and very professional. Don't just take my word for it though. You can wait for other opinions, and take a look at the RACC website: https://www.racctrusted.com/

Ok...thank you so much. I can’t wait to hear what others say about him, I’m hoping others concur with your statement because he has a lot of interesting pieces that I would love to have!

I would be very surprised if that wasn't the case, but I always like to have as much opinions as possible before spending my hard-earned money. So yes, definitely wait for other to chime in. Good luck!

Also, if you could do me a favor in hop into my other recent discussions on opinions for Michael gambon, evanna lynch, or Ian mckellen that would also be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I am not familiar with their signatures unfortunately, though Anthony J. Risi is definitely a reliable source.

Aplusgraphs is A+


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