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I just joined this forum and am hoping to get some feedback on some of the signed albums I bought a few years ago. I'm prepared to accept the hard truth that I've bought some fakes but I'm hopeful maybe something will emerge as authentic. I will start with this copy of Workingman's Dead.

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Presents as all the same hand, sorry.

Thanks again Eric. I suspect I have a lot of junk. I wish I had been smarter and found this forum earlier and done my homework. Live and learn. I might post some more tomorrow.

No problem. Any Bowie? My strong suit.

I have two signed albums. Let's dance with Bowie and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Should I post them in the Bowie forum?

Sure. Here is my earliest Bowie - April 1976 in Sweden:

Rare Vintage 1976 Bowie Signature with Original The Man Who Fell to Earth Still by Chuck White

Very cool! I just posted to the Bowie discussion. Don't have high hopes for them. I do have some real SRV autographs that I bought from one of his former roadies.

Thank you. Glad you like it. Very tough year. The 1976 lithographed still was taken by Chuck White - also very scarce.

 None of the GD signatures appear legit. Sorry.

pig didnt sign his name like this

looks to knew like it was just signed 

just my 2 cents


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