Firstly, thanks to everyone to gave their input for the George Harrison autograph and for confirming my belief that it was genuine. I'm currently at the end of selling off a large Beatles collection and the autographs are the last to go.

I have 2 more autographs - two more modern autographs of Paul and Ringo. I've no idea as to their authenticity and bought them online years ago.

I'm actually looking to sell these, both the George one I posted about here - - and these two. eBay are not letting me as they have no COA, can anyone suggest an alternative path I could go down?

Thanks again, you've all been a great, great help! =)

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Sent you a message mike.

Neither of these look correct

The McCartney looks like the "Southern California Forgers"...

Neither one is authentic, IMO. Sorry!


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