I know a while ago there was a bit of skepticism over the Ariana Grande autographed postcards from when her album Dangerous Woman was released. I live near JSA and it’s been bugging me so I just brought it down! They sticketed it and gave it a COA! Is it worth the $25 extra for an LOA or should I just keep the basic cert? ALSO! Why isn’t it showing up in the system yet?

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question .just because they say its real doesn't mean its real. just my 2 cents

and did they really put a sticker on the front of it

Obviously a sticker doesn’t mean it’s real but being that it came from her website and it passed JSA I believe it’s real. I know JSA & PSA/DNA aren’t perfect but they’re probably the best around you just need to cautious and do your own research before purchasing anything but I would give time to a PSA/DNA or JSA item before any other item.

Weren't those Dolly Parton's from her or "her"?

The Dolly Parton were autopen whether or not they’re authentic is one thing but regardless they are not autopen. What are your thoughts on the signature? Do you think it is authentic? I also would like to ask why you are doubting JSA I am completely new to this so I am totally open to any and all opinions. I definitely don’t put 100% faith into them. I actually posted something earlier of a Miley I thought looked 100% Phony.

For me, I have seen WAY too many bad items from PSA/JSA.BAS etc to care at all. I pay no attention to stickers or papers, and I do not buy, sell or recommend anything vandalized with free adverting(stickers). Recently I saw a PSA slab with a GAI snickered item. These papers and little shiny stickers create a false sense of security among the newer/more "fragile" collector. I see it several times a week. I don't have an opnion on the signature - I am very sorry to see it permanently marred with that distracting sticker. I wonder if they will produce larger stickers for 16x20's...

I agree that no one should ever buy just based on one of these little stickers.  They do get many right, but imo, they get far too many wrong as well.  I’ve seen a couple of just terrible Michael Jackson fakes from 2009 that PSA certified that almost no one with a pair of working eyes would have certified.

I would just stick with the basic certification since these are only on postcards and not something bigger.  I have a Seth MacFarlane hand-drawn sketch of Peter Griffin’s face along with Seth’s full autograph on an 11x14 thin white poster board, and I just have PSA’s basic cert. 

 I think these postcards are definitely real.  I’m no expert here, but I recall a member or two with experience on Ariana who said they were definitely real, and now with JSA’s approval, I think you’re good.




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