audrey hepburn....are any of these real... not like any i have seen before.......

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Not great quality images so a bit hard to say but the signatures look like good late examples. I actually prefer this type to the more common earlier ones.

I agree with pug. Authentic.

They're too small to tell. Post large versions of the actual images instead of screenshots.

It appears you can get a better look at these on the site they are being offered one.

You can tell if an autograph is likely fake from a small or low quality image. But you can't tell if an autograph is likely genuine without a large, clear image.

You can't reliably authenticate autographs from the images like the ones posted. If you think you can you don't understand authentication.

I have looked at these long before the discussion here. Didn't see any problems with these then nor do I now. I have even purchased a Hepburn from them awhile back. No complaints from me.



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