Hi. What do you guys think about this 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card?

It is hard for me to tell if it's authentic or not.



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From the pictures, likely authentic IMO but there are no guarantees. It is very rough but still worth a few thousand dollars if authentic even in this condition. Would grade a Poor 1, if authentic,  but there are collectors who would still buy it.

Its hard to tell,but I don't like it.It looks artificially aged.

It's funny how you posted this in "Beatles Autograph." Imagine if the Beatles signed this baseball card.  That would up for "wow" factor a lot.

Sorry, did not mean to post it here!

No worries.

Artificially aged. Which pretty much seals the deal.

Are you sure about that? What about the missing pixel? How would you explain that?

With technology today anything can be replicated.Going by the scans,the rounding of the corners looks to even.The scratches don't look right.The browning on the back looks wrong.It looks artifically aged.A lot of red flags.Plus the '52 Mantle is one of the most faked cards out there.

Better question what LOGICAL way besides using sand paper can you explain the surface corner wear? Seems whomever aged this card is a amateur at best.  

Yes, that is true, although there appear to be several things that make the card seem authentic to me. There is the missing pixel, along with the fact that there is not a solid black line around the whole Yankees logo.

He said that he found the card with other authentic 1952 Topps cards (graded authentic) in an old book.

So lets dissect this story for a second. 

So lets get this correct. He found an old book with cards in modern graded holders....And the most valuable one was not graded (authentic).

First off PSA or BGS or SGC slabs cant fit in a old book. And the motherload card was ignored.....Cool story bro



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