I have a pretty minimal bid on this Disney, but I want to know if this is a well forged fake or the real deal. It seems like it matches up with Walt’s signature form authenticated samples I could find 

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Could be a Disney artist although I do not believe Walt signed this himself. Phil Sears is the expert on Disney.

Thank you so much. I retracted my bid after going to a reputable dealer. Does anyone know where I can get one?! I’m so tired of being the victim of scams and it’s causing heartache since I really admire Walt so much. Even just a page or business card. I couldn’t pay at once but I would be interested. 

Phil Sears is the absolute best on Disney. His prices are high but you can be assured you are buying an authentic signature. He also has a layaway option which gives you up to ten months to complete your purchase. Good luck with your search. I am a Disney fan myself.


I don't believe that Walt signed this.

Yes Phil Sears has said it's NOT official. 

If anyone reads this, I know that Walt used to give out pre signed autographs on papers he kept in his pocket. If anyone knows how I can get one I'd be willing to buy. 


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