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Hi all,

Could you please give me your opinion on this signed item.

Thank You.


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It seems that my image is not displaying ?

I’m sorry, this isn’t good. 

I agree with Brandon. This appears to be a known forgery style. Sorry to say.

Joe and Brandon, thanks for your replies.  I forget the name of the Madonna specialist on AML, would be nice to get his / her opinion.

Thanks Mike

It's Kamran. He is the best on Madonna autographs.

Thanks Joe W,

I do not doubt your or Brandon's opinion but with Kamran opinion as well makes it 3-0.  Lol.

So I guess it will be 3 strikes and this Madonna autograph is OUT!

I like it Joe W, maybe it's the new judgement panel criteria. 

When it's comes to Madonna autographs. The rest of us are amateurs when compared to Kamran!

Saying that I am certain K will agree with your knowledgeable opinions.

Thanks Mike

Just thinking a little more about this.  If a known style of forgery is undertaken then I presume that the forgery is forged to a authentic genuine one. I will do more research following the research done prior to making this purchase and disclose all that I find. I think this will contribute to the AML Members Group.  After all that's the reason why we all contribute and help each other in what we love.   



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