I saw an autograph online I'm interested in possibly purchasing. The seller says it's authenticated and numbered. The COA says GEM CERTIFIED FINE CELEBRITY COLLECTIBLES # 3971. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this company or COA? I appreciate all help. Thanks, Ryan 

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Never heard of them. Do you have an image of the COA? It sounds like they just give their own COA and claim it's authenticated

Here's a picture so they have of the authenticatio . From what I can tell it looks like it's a sticker on the back of the photo and not actually a COA. But I could be wrong about that

Yeah, just a sticker but it is not authenticated no matter what they say. You cannot authenticate it yourself so it's just a COA and worthless/ If you post the signature itself we can gauge whether the item is real or not

Not even close to being authentic. The Steve Irwin = S is atypical as is the R and the Irwin loops the wrong way. The letter sizes are wrong and the gaps are too big compared to others. The T in Terri and the link from T to E is not right and I to rwin gap is too large and atypical. I would go as far to say this is one of the worst Steve Irwin's I've seen in a while and it is a bad fake so please avoid. How much are they asking out of interest?

Says it all! Too good to be true and definitely fake. Sadly there ar enot many genuine ones around at the moment but they do pop up on eBay etc from time to time

Ok thanks for your help and advice. I appreciate it.



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