Autograph Collectors Guild is the new name for MMP Collectibles beware

These guys are the biggest ring of crooks forgers and con artist steer clear do not buy anything from him it's fake I got burned by this guy for 2 Janis Joplin autographs I'm in the process of getting my credit card to refund my money in full he changed the name of the company beware beware

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Please post a link to that site.

All the same sh*t that was on their last website too including the 2016 Chinese produced drum heads signed by absolutely everybody

I also was ripped off by Autograph Collectos Guild.  Should have done my research beforehand, they pump out a lot of fake good and spend a lot of money on advertising.  Beware to anyone reading this.

Sorry to hear that. When did you buy and how did you pay?

bought a "keith moon signed drum head" for my nephews 18th birthday, it was overpriced and shipping took forever. paid lots of money to have it authenticated, ended up being fake, MMP COLLECTIBLES & autograph collectors guild refused to refund my money and were aweful a**holes to me. Im left with this junk!

Eric, I'm sorry to hear that. When did you buy it and how did you pay?

Brian Burkel's Autograph Collectors Guild site appears to have been permanently taken down today:

Just like his same site named MMP Collectibles was last fall

I recently bought a pickguard supposedly signed by Rush from Autograph Collectors Guild. I purchased it on February 16th for my husband for his birthday and received emails of order conformation and receipt for order. I received another email on February 19th with a tracking number and when I track it, it states a shipping label has been made but the usps is still awaiting item. I looked for a phone number in all the emails and there is not one to be found and since there website has been taken down I have no way of contacting them. Does anyone know of a phone number or any other way of contacting them?

Hi Bobbi,

I have never seen a genuine autograph from them, so if you paid by bank card, you should be covered. They don't take PayPal.

Put a claim in NOW. 

I don't know about pickguards, but you can probably buy a genuinely band-signed Rush album from about $400-$600 and up. You can get advice here and perhaps links to ones offered for sale.

Thank you, Steve. I will definitely get in touch with my bank and have the charges reversed. I am now so leery about buying anything autographed. I would really appreciate the name of a dealers that is out there that can be trusted.


I definitely understand how you feel and I’m glad you’re taking action now.

Finding the right dealer and buying from them isn’t as simple as it sounds. That’s because they may not have what you’re looking for. It’s better to look for the item, or ask us, members here, to help you find selections, and then you can choose from them. Get all the opinions you want from my site, from groups on Facebook that know music autographs well, and from knowledgeable collectors.


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