From talking with another member about trading autographs, we thought maybe it would be cool to have one place here where we can all post up stuff we have for trade or sale that we could all update our collections by.  As long as everyone post up a clear pic of the signatures and a good description, then this could be epic! 


Moderator Comments:
This is a great idea! Try it out in this discussion,
and then we'll set up a special forum category
once we work out the kinks.

Please do your best to make sure your autographs are genuine BEFORE you post them here. Ask for opinions in the appropriate forum here, such as

If you see something here that's a likely forgery, reply with your opinion and contact the forum moderator.

Thanks...and good luck!

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Beatles for sale:

Signatures obtained in 1963 at Worcester Gaumont. Unfortunately the Paul McCartney is on the reverse of John Lennon and Ringo Starr, however it could be laser printed for display and window mounted to the reverse. The signatures are in mint condition and are all inscribed to Annette who obtained them. I bought 3 autograph albums which contained 2 sets of Beatles signatures and 2 sets of Rolling Stones as well as other signatures.

£3500 / $5450

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I have two signed Jerry Lee Lewis contracts that are authentic. I'm asking $150.00 each minimum. These are from prized Jerry Lee Lewis collection but I'm having to sell some of these items to combat an incurable disease I have. One is from  Wisconsin and the other is from Oklahoma. These contracts are authentic and are from the late Cecil J. Harrelson Estate which was given to me. Cecil was a good friend of mine. Cecil was Jerry Lee Lewis' Road Manager, Brother-In-Law as well as his longtime boyhood friend - they met in school when they were mere children. Cecil bought the first record ever released by Jerry Lee Lewis in New Orleans "New Orleans Boogie," and can't remember the B Side of it. You can see it on youtube. - If interested Email me at

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Great contracts. I wish I was able to purchase at this time.

These are some great and historic items!!


Few autographs for sale
Christopher Lloyd 40.00 pounds shipped UK
Brandon routh 20.00 pounds shipped UK
John amos 20.00 pounds shipped UK
Burt young 20.00 pounds shipped UK
Attachments: No photo uploads here
This is an AUTOGRAPHED poster of Anthony Bourdain from when a new season of No Reservations started a few years ago. When the new season came out, Travel Channel had a young artist draw eight different poster designs for the eight new episodes. This poster was NOT distributed for sale, but all eight were signed by Anthony given away in a contest in 2011. However, I purchased this SIGNED poster months ago from a gentleman who received three signed posters, framed, from Travel Channel, after working with them for a small amount of time. This poster is truly RARE and I have not found another like it. It measures 18"x 22" and comes with the black frame. The frame front is NOT glass, but a plastic material. A must have for any collector of Bourdain or autographs. I am selling this only because I am slowly selling my autograph collection. If you have any questions, please ask and I will try to answer ASAP. You decide if you would like the frame or not!
$160 OBO
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My autograph sale on eBay began Tues. Feb. 28th - 5 day auction- 50 autographs starting at $9.99 with no reserves. Authenticity guaranteed. Free shipping. Sale ends Sun. March 5th



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