I have a few baseballs I was hoping someone could tell me if they think the signatures are real/ worth getting authenticated /  and what they might be worth..... I have acquired these by cleaning out my dads house after his passing. I know little to nothing about them. So any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you 

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I'll start with this one. And add next after I get some opinions. There are also a few I have no clue who the names are. Would someone be able to help me with that?

That looks like a Yogi Berra signature on that ball, but I cannot speak for the authenticity as I don't know much about baseball. I'm sure someone who is experienced with Berra will be responding shortly.

Thank you. 

Yep, like Harald said, that's Yogi Berra and it looks good to me. I'd value it around $60. 

Thank you. So probably not worth paying to authenticate, if I'm going to sell it? 

the Berra is authentic, but because his signature is so common, it likely would not be worth the money to have it formally authenticated.  Very nice signature.

I knew these great people would chime in. 

This is great! Thank you for all the help. I have more to post but I'm trying to do one at a time so I can write down all information without confusing myself. Haha In a way doing these discussions makes me feel close to my dad. I'm so glad I found this sight. 




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