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2 colors - Blue and Orange

Limit 6 per color

Cost is about $130 with US shipping

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Thanks for the post David. 

Only twelve exist and not sold out, I sometimes am amazed at how people miss out on such a great find thans for sharing.

not missing out at all, just not a fan of posters and the signature is lousy. For those who ordered enjoy 

Translation - Wasn't flippable enough. 

Thank You!

I don't own his autograph but he's rock royalty so I want it in my collection. I've lived on both sides of the pond and was amazed at how big they were were in the US compared to in the UK. I'm not crazy for posters either but will make an exception for someone this culturally significant. 


New poster for preorder signed by Daltrey, about 2x the cost as the last ones and not as attractive IMO 

First post so we'll see if this works. For those who bought the orange or blue poster, I'd inspect them carefully upon receipt. The seller posted one example of each color and the signatures are identical.

Has anyone got a photo of the signature on one they’ve bought that they could put up?

Seller? You mean the Teenage Cancer Trust? He's a patron. I doubt someone who is a patron of a kids cancer charity would risk their reputation to autopen  their contribution. Can you post what you are talking about or is this speculation. 

I saw 3 seperate listings on ebay for what Black Cat was talking about. 2 looked identical, the 3rd was very different, and looked good. Dunno. 


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