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(I did post this in Sports Forum, but although people were helpful with Mickey - there were no Babe Ruth experts that responded.)

Hi (again). I did as much research as I could on these two pictures. On the Babe, I looked at other inscribed letters and the *To* and *From* seem to be legit. Looked up numbers and the *4* and *5* look like his - the 7 is questionable. The C in Carl looks like other Cs he has done. Any opinions greatly appreciated! 
Thanks, Kim

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Here is the autograph in question


BC - Thanks for looking at it. I am nervous about the way you asked that. LOL. Have you seen the exact inscription before?

Some members won't click attachment links to check out the autograph, they like the picture posted through the uploader. So I did that for you hoping to get more looks. Unfortunately, I'm not very good on Ruth, but many here are. I hope they can help you out.

Oh, thanks. I thought I was supposed to post them as an attachment. Thanks!

aaarrrrggghhhh...I am on pins and needles! LOL - I am on page 20 of the Babe Ruth forum trying to learn what I can. I tried to submit to Autograph COA but they are backed up. What do you think?

Here are two other pictures.



As much as I want to say it is real, I've never seen an inscription like that. I'm not confident that it's real. But you can send it to a company, or do a jsa onsite authentication. It might be real, but good luck with it!

Thanks Nathan. Unfortunately, I do not have time. AutographCOA is backed up and I need to make a decision sooner than they can get to it. I looked at these two I am attaching and noticed that the C has the same curl to it.


Looks 100% right IF it’s not a reprint or copy. Inscription is fine and in his hand. Send to grad at BAS for a quick opinion to confirm 

YAY!!! I could kiss you if my husband let me kiss other people- and I do not know if you are a man or woman!! I needed an answer sooner than BAS could provide and autographCOA is backed-up. I have read all 40 pages of his forum, read articles on things to look for, looked at a gazillion signatures. I thought it was legit but it is nice to hear another thinks so also! Thanks you so much!
PS- so def bid $100?

I agree with JSIGS. Get an online signature review opinion from Beckett for $10. BTW, these look like $4,000+ signed photos



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