I won the the Tristar Hidden Treasures Babe Ruth Auto Baseball and was wondering how much do you think it is worth and what is the best way to sell it. It comes with a LOA from PSA/DNA

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I'm not good with the worth or best place to sell it but.................WOW! Congrats.

thank you


That ball looks brand new! Do you have a photo of the loa?

Through an auction house, it would likely bring in $2-4000. It will take about 3-4 months to get your money and they take a larger chunk than eBay.

Selling through a site like this, you avoid the fees. Post in the buy/sell forum. I've been looking for a Ruth ball myself, but this one is likely too expensive for me.

I think it's worth way more than 2 or 4k lol.

You come on here and ask for opinions and then laugh at a member when they offer one? Nice start. If you have your own idea of its value, why did you ask?

You can't be serious with that price.  I have to laugh at that because if you had the ball would you take 2 or 4k for it? Most sell anywhere from 7k to 35k and even the bad ones sell for around 5k. I just wanted someone who has knowledge of what his ball goes for in the condition mine is in. Thanks, no disrespect to you but go on line and look at some of his auto balls and see how much even the bad ones sell for.

35k? Really? Show me a Ruth signature of the same quality of yours that SOLD for $35K. Just because someone has a Ruth ball on eBay and are asking that much, doesn't mean it will sell for that. You think Tri-Star is going to include a $35,000 baseball in their product? I might raise my estimate to 5K now that I've seen the LOA, but nowhere near 35. There is a "bad one" one eBay right now from a reputable seller for $1999 with a JSA LOA. It is a single signed ball like yours. Your ball is in good shape, the best thing going for it, but the auto isn't very strong.
Please, in the future, if you ask for an opinion, don't lol the opinion given. If you want to discuss, I'm more than happy. But do not tell me my OPINION is wrong. We obviously don't agree, but that doesn't make me wrong.

Welcome to the forum.

Never did I say mine was a 35k ball. Go back and check, I said his auto ball sells for anywhere from 7k to 35k. I was asking what people thought mine would sell for in that range. Yes I do believe it falls in that range. I have already been offered 10k.

Take the 10k and run. You still haven't addressed my question I posed several times now. Why are you asking for our opinions if you have such a firm grasp on the Ruth signed baseball market?
I've never owned a Ruth and probably never will 10K is a lot of money. Not sure I'd sell it for that. Not saying I think it's worth more or less. I'd just want to treasure that thing.



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