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Thank you!


Right on brother. Appreciate this. I missed the Newbury - it sold out fast. 

Great find! Good alternative to the vinyl version from the band's store...

I'm wondering if we can assume these are signed by the whole band?

I’m assuming so, but ya never know. In my mind it wouldn’t make sense to be signed by 1 or two of the guys.

Great! Thanks!

Thank you for this! Amazing. I wonder how many they’re signing…

Isn't the link above

Newbury sold out fast.  This is good news that Backstreet's back.  :) (ok, I'll let myself out).

TY OP.  Picked one up.

They now added a sample photo showing all signatures...

That's pretty dope

Grabbed one - Not a fan - but their influence and presence cannot be denied. 


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