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A few Banquet Records appearances this weekend, including Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World and Blink (today). Again, you have to monitor the website to see if singed vinyl and/or CDs are posted - usually the following morning. But they often do, so if any of these appeals to you, it's worth watching.

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Yes they just put a few Signed  Elbow LPs up but they sold out in about 5 Seconds!

Was to going to update this list with the new Jimmy Eat World album, but by the time I finished my order, they were all gone. 

Doesn't look like Blink 182 signed at all. 

Damn Missed them all today including Signed Bryan Ferry Jazz Age LPs on his Web store Today aswell!!!

Side tangent: It looks like there are some signed Bryan Ferry Jazz Age LPs on the webstore still. I was able to successfully check out with one just now, so you may want to try again. 

Thanks so much Marshall, i nabbed one too! 

Just checking on Banquet looks like Blink 182 Signed LPs have been and gone / sold out - i missed those too! LOL 

Yeah, I was wrong about Blink 182. Sorry about that. 

I did get one (I monitored the page and pounced on it the moment it changed), but I can assure you, all of them were gone faster than you could say Blink 182." I think they only got 25 copies. 

Looks like Yungblud will be there tommorow




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