An autographed promo card the seller says is signed by the Beatles. Clearly looks like an Aspinall set. The seller is in the UK and it already has many bids from sorry folks who are in for a big surprise!

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In my opinion and I am not a Beatles expert, something looks v. wrong here. The Harrison is peculiar in its execution. Lennon looks a bit excessive as well. McCartney's looks OK but not convinced over Starr's either.

That said, a Beatles autograph at THAT price? Sorry but not liking the price, either. Lennon's alone is worth at minimum £1500 pounds.

Go through a dealer like Tracks etc. since the authenticity issue regarding the autographs would be minimised.

My opinion... avoid!!!!

Here is another guy with some real gems up. I think his autographs were signed by Paul's dog Martha.

The majority of fakes on ebay arent even good fakes. Ones like these give me a good chuckle. Look at the other ones he has up too; what do you guys think?

I'd let you know if I could see them but I can't but ebay is, in my opinion only, a very dubious place to buy from unless you know precisely what you're doing.

However when I can see the items I'll let you know what I think...

eBay is rife with the fakes, but you can also find some good deals if you are lucky. I feel that real quality Beatles autographs typically go for around what they should on eBay. A good Ringo for between 150 and 300; A good Paul from between 300 and 700. I know that there are people who can command more for them, but the average seller cant expect to pull what guys like Perry Cox get.

Yeah Ebay is rife with dodgy things but then again, its so open as well which means the inexperienced individual is going to get stung.

I agree, a good Ringo would sell in that area and Paul's signature could go for even more, dependant on the item we are talking about, of course.

I have a signed CD of Paul McCartney and when I beef it up, in years to come, could make a good investment potential but I don't plan to sell it, just 'illuminate' it.



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