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Ahhh! LOL Gotcha.

Wow, I nailed the George. I have to keep going with this!

Getting slow Ballroom ;)

This set is a bad copy of the originals what are on Fab 4 collectibles website.

Yes indeed. Good catch.

The autograph is real. It was previously sold together with COA from Brandes

Sorry to say they are fakes here is the genuine autographs.

The autographs look different, but probably from the same year.
As far as I know, the COA also said that Paul's pencil failed
at the end when it was signed.

That is pen, no? It conveniently avoids the rather unusual ending flourish if a copy.

The pen ends at 't'. Ok, everyone has their opinion, and I would be skeptical if I had not seen the COA.

To paraphrase Perry Cox, no COA, including his, makes any autograph real.

The COA was from Switzerland by Brandes. But you're right, everyone can issue COA's, that's the problem.



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