Hello folks

I would be grateful to know what you think of the Beatles signed programme plus a signed copy of Grapefruit by John & Yoko. Many thanks

I wasn't totally sure myself on both.

The info on the programme is; Autographed tour programme from chris montez tommy roe tour signed on 17th march 1963 at the peterborough embassy theatre

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Does anyone know why there is a whitish coloring around the signatures? This is not present on the other posting below. 

Looks good on both! The signed photograph the pen is starting to run out of ink or the ball inside is sticking causing a lot of drag . 

Or it just wasn't taking to the surface didn't think of that...lol

Both look OK to me...

John & Yoko's autographs look OK. I don't like the signed programme. Might be the photo clarity but the signatures look "copied" to me.

Same here. Liking the dual signed, but the second - I could not read those surfaces from the image provided and make much of a meaningful comment.

I think the pen was crappy honestly....

This is my George and Ringo programme signed on March 10th 1963. I have seen that programme you posted before on a couple different Beatle's fb groups by the same guy trying to sell it. I lean towards good. As well as on the grapefruit. 

Very nice I like it!

And here’s one presently up for sale in an RR auction. 

This ended up selling at auction for about $3,300 (including buyer’s premium). However, it only has three signatures. 



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