Beckett Autograph Authentication Club on facebook.

This is an affiliated group by a close friend of Grads!

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The only third-party authentication service that I completely trust is one that has actually witnessed an autograph being signed.

I'll second that. Good for Beckett for (seemingly) getting off to a good start. But these companies change ownership, change leadership and greed almost inevitably comes into play. I'd rather not have my items tagged by something that could go bad. Sorry it that sounds pessimistic, but I don't think that view is unfair. I'd rather know what I'm getting and from who.

The whole industry can be fickle when everyone wants a piece of the pie, but if you collect something for long enough, you certainly should know if somethings real or not.

So if you join, Steve Grad (or some other expert) will give their opinion of your autograph for free?  

Well thats the same question i asked, it seems to be run and approved by beckett and one of theor pro employees.
There's a lot of sport items on there.

Who is the Pro-Employee that is running the group with him?


but what happens when steve gets it wrong

Inevitably Steve is going to get one wrong because Steve is a human being and Steve makes mistakes. PSA DNA JSA and Beckett do their best but they're human beings and somebody is going to slip something through. The way I see it is better to have an opinion of a third party then not to.
These guys spend more time counting your money then they do authenticating your autographs. They rely on thinking like this and the value blind faith collectors put on them. It's comical, some of these guys authenticating by memory without exemplars or offering side deals to authenticate for less outside of the office. Pretty sketchy business.

yup .its kinda a scam at this point.,

its good if they think so but bad if they say  so,i mean basicaly 4 people  control the whole autograpgph market.thats so ripe for fruad.

i personaly know that steve and roger have  has gotten it wrong before.

there determing what is real or fake and have u ever seen the becket b******* rejection leter.

the reason it failed could be aliens its so vague



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