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thank you for the link, 

FYI (and not to beat a dead horse), yet another artist that used to sign full name, and now is a "B" with long vertical line down. $7.04 std US shipping and sales tax, brings the CD set to $29.  

That all said, I'm still a fan, so ordered one.  

Thanks for the post. I misread it at first and thought it said "Belinda Carlisle" and, when I clicked on the link and saw the picture, the first thing I thought to myself was that her signature looks a lot like Brandi Carlile's. I guess the two whiskeys I've had to start off the holiday weekend might have had something to do with that...

You didn't misread it. It originally did say Belinda. I got an email alert from the post and it must have been fixed. 

Ah, thanks for the sanity check, I thought I was losing my mind. Well that only means one thing, back to the bourbon! 


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