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Never heard of her until recently. She must be on her way up though because she already has 3 different Funko Pops I believe.

She’s another TikTok turned superstar person, but may be worth the grab

Anybody know when these actually ship? Will it be auto pen?

I think they already are shipping? This one below is from Twitter.

No idea on autopen, as you'd really have to see at least a few of these to have an idea if an autopen was used. And I don't know enough about her and her team to really venture a guess.

I will say that any time you see a massively popular individual sell signed items this cheaply and the product lingers out there for weeks (or months) without selling out, it does raise some questions.

I did monitor the stock count and it went from 600 to 0 in an hour - no idea when it originally came up for sale nor what the original stock count was though.

I also Googled it to see if any other copies had come up online. One person unpacked one on tiktok and the signature is not the same as the one you posted above. Still not definitely hand signed but a +1 for now.

Oh wow, I guess I did speak too soon - those did go quick. I guess I didn't realize it was a restock.

For what it's worth, the signature above at least looks consistent with in person examples.

Sorry, my wording wasn't that great. I don't think it's a restock I just don't know how long ago they went up for sale before this post was made. So I don't know how many were available at the start as I only started monitoring it when this post was made. So there could have been thousands up there for weeks. All I know is that it went from 600 to 0 in an hour. Maybe this forum has some serious Bella Poarch fans.

I didn’t see anything about the preorder, I actually saw one hit Mercari so I Googled “Bella Poarch Signed CD” and here we are

Here is another, I think these are signed not auto penned 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Just arrived.



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