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Although Roger at REAL considers himself the expert in this field, but as a quasi-expert, I like to look at signed LP albums. Especially from 60's-70's artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, the Doors, Elvis Presley and anything Beatles. Unfortunately, those are also the most faked, Just look on eBay or websites like neautograph, autocentral.net or foreverlegends.com
For my current favorite, I have a Perry Cox authenticated Paul McCartney signed CD. I'm saving up for something signed by Elvis but authenticated Presley sigs are expensive, right Roger? His Elvis sigs starts at $1200.

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Do you mean autographcentral.net? You're right about all the fakes. Probably more band-signed Beatles albums are sold every day than are known to exist. We know one guy who bought two Hendrix and three Doors band-signed albums from one dealer alone. Ask some top dealers who handle them and ask how many they've seen over the past 20 years.

Roger isn't the only expert in rock, but he specializes in modern music and he's extremely good and highly respected.
Yes, I meant autographcentral.net and you can add rockingems,com and autographsamerica.com for some really terrible attempts at forging classic rock stars' autographs. This last website has a Jim Morrison personally signed Doors album for just $202.50. Imagine that! I'm even tempted to grab one at that price... not.
I got Elvis on Aloha From Hawaii....no, wait...Fun in Acapulco. Bought it for $800 from someone that had advertised in our magazine for years and years (R. Lovell? Can't remember his name now, but K. Cole did a great interview with him months ago).

I have a Doors signed album which I love, because it's my all-time favorite band. And I have it signed by the other musicians that played on the rrecord (like John Sebastian of Lovin Spoonful).

I recently got a gold mine, though. Two signed Lou Prima albums, at a used record store. Signed by the entire band, including Lou. I won't even make you jealous by how cheap I got them.

I'm willing to trade one. But it's gotta be something good. I mean, this guy wrote: Swing, Swing, Swing; Just a Gigilio/Ain't Got Nobody, and that Disney song...what was it called? Be a King like Me? Can't remember now...
Favorite Musician that has signed for me: Roger Waters. I have asked Roger on over a half dozen times here in L.A., asked him in May of 2002 in Sweden, got his sig in London and left stuff for him at his London office. Never has he said no; and did mail my left items back to me, fully autographed. His musical career is simply amazing. I can't say I agree with or like hearing all his political views in concert, however, that aside, he is in my opinion one of rocks most giving and generous musicians. The current members of the EAGLES do not have the generosity in their entire bodies that R.W. has in his 'lil pinky ( oh, did I say that?? ) LOL
Stephen Duncan
One of my favorites in person and through the mail and in person is lou gramm former lead singer of foreigner. Not only did i get an authentic autograph picture of him through the mail of his group but in person he signs just as well. I thought he might not sign foreigner items but he signs them as well. He is one of the most down to earth their is!
Finding good signed albums is tough for sure. Elvis is pricey for sure. It comes down to supply and demand. There is a good supply of authentic Elvis signed items but the demand is through the roof. Try to find an Elvis signed album! They are almost as rare as alien babies.
I am lucky enough to have an Elvis sig on a album page that I bought from famous autograph dealer Charles Hamilton. I bought it about 24 years ago
I found a concert program autographed by Hank Williams and Roy Acuff and his band at a local antique store. The ticket stubs to the concert were included and were dated May 1950. I paid $2.00 for it.
Hey Guys, I am the FARTHEST thing from an expert on Elvis signatures. In fact, I know very little if at all. Did he sign more first names than full names? Also, in reading your post below (Roger) about signed LP's, I assume then there are more signed paper by him? What about checks, ..any of those? How about a brief 411 on "The King".

Hey Stephen,

Yes, signed paper items are the most seen Elvis signed items.  I have seen less then 5 things where he signed first name only.  I have probably seen less then 15 signed albums by Elvis but I have seen 30 or so signed EP's and 45's.  Photos signed on the back are quite common and collectable too.  These are almost always from the mid 50's.  Checks, there a few from the 70's (maybe a couple dozen) and I have seen about 5 from the 50's.  These early ones are very cool.  Hope that helps.

Well, I don't know about best, but the wife and I are huge fans of Cheap Trick. Two years ago we worked a backstage gig at a bike rally, they headlined, man was it fun, outside in the sun, green grass, mountains, up close and personal. I got Live at Budokan signed by all four and Carlos wasn't easy, I grabbed a couple of picks from Nielson, all were very cool. I worked another event in '94 when Tim Mcgraw was just starting out, got him on his press photo and a pick...
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Sheldon, that is a GREAT Cheap Trick autograph. Yes, Bun E. Carlos is becoming much more tougher (and grumpier) of the 4. I am glad to have what I have by them, when I was able to get them.
Cheap Trick has always been a favorite band of mine. I just wish they would perform the song, "Everything Works If You Let It", instead of kind of the same-'ol/same-'ol at every show.


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