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What do people think of this signed Bette Davis pic? Apologies for the quality, it's quite faded. Thanks 

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From that I can see which is not a heck of a lot that appears good but as she in common this should be quite discounted because of the near fatal fading.

Thanks Eric, it was a bit of an impossible task trying to take a decent picture of this!

I'm sure. It is vintage and perhaps stored improperly in light etc. Can you snap a pic of the whole photo? It seems nice :) How much is being asked?

No its mine, part of my dads collection. Trying to weed out fakes before I see about selling :) 

The I wonder what else you have there! :-) Good luck - always happy to help.

Theres over 2000 signed items in the collection, I think we are just going to hand the lot over to IAA (minus the forgeries!) but it's been interesting seeing what the folk here have made of the ones I've posted up - I've certainly learned a lot!

WOW! Gleason? 

Jackie Gleason? Not sure, will need to consult my dads books, he kept a record of all his things. If I come across him I'll post it up :) apparently Dylan is in among there but I'm not hopeful of it being real!

Please be sure to sell slowly and deliberately, knowing well what you have and what it is worth. Some folks just take offers online but I don' think that is you. :-)


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