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Hi! Would appreciate your help on this Billie Eilish signed CD, said to been ordered via Banquet Records upon the album release. Do you think it’s good or bad?

Thanks for helping!

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She's tough to figure out for sure. I think forgers like her old graph because of the simplicity of mimicking it. Banquet did have some signed bundles around the time of the album's release (obvious that image shows one signed in gold though).

Thank you Rich, much appreciated! The seller also said that he would include proof of buying this from Banquet, I’m guessing that means some kind of receipt. I guess it would be wise to ask for that before considering buying. 

I watch Banquet like a hawk these days, but I don't think they were as high on my radar at that point in time. Regardless, I'm thinking whatever sold there went quickly. I just don't recall what they offered. I ended up getting mine from (vinyl w/ signed flat) from Bengans. 

Glad you benefited the swedish economy buying from Bengans! We surely need it right now… :-(

Hopefully other members will help out too!

I’ll bump this one too, hopefully someone will help out.


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