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I still don’t get why the uk don’t have a vinyl with a signed print rather than close to 100 for a bundle. Always the same. Every other country gets it cheaper. Plus no splatter option for the uk. That’s my grumble over hehe.

back to being out of stock.

I might install a browser extension.

After drifting in and out of stock all day the signed insert options on the UK store have now totally disappeared from the store so that could be it 

Does anyone have a link to the French store? Just in case…. Still looking for a copy from a shop that ships to Finland.


UK page has deleted the items now, maybe the restock was in error?

Her German store has also been updated with preorders for the upcoming album - and to no surprise, all signed bundles and other special versions are sold out: https://www.billieeilishstore.de

The same goes for bravado.de, which is probably using the same backend stock amount: https://www.bravado.de/p50-a157330/billie-eilish/index.html

I was constantly refreshing the page yesterday and nothing and today this -_-‘

who knows maybe a CD signed edition will be added, fingers crossed it wont be bundled with three vinyl lp.

German store was live yesterday ca. 6:30 pm german time. Signed bundles were sold within 1 minute.
People on reddit said, they were available hours before, but just if you went through all products categories - when they unlocked them offically - they were already gone...

That’s so messed up… all this release is being a total mess. Specially after all the multiple variants backlash 


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