I purchased this classic Billy Joel photo in 2009.  I purchased it from a private person (not a dealer) who claimed that s/he got Billy to sign after a concert in Seattle, WA.  I asked the person for the date and location, then googled Billy's tour dates and the date/location matched.

Anyway, I attached the photo- do you guys think it's legit?  I compared it to other signed stuff and it looks good to me.


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Oops, I had forgot to add the photo. Here it is.
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  • I dont think it is . Hey signs BJL  usually . Ive gotten the guy a few hundred times and none look like yours . But I could be wrong. Maybe he was in a good mood and felt like signing his whole name . 

Thanks Anthony. Yeah, I know which one you are talking about. I also have 'The Stranger' LP signed just as you describe it. Check it out below.

Also, I have noticed a pattern, though, where he scribbles "BJL" or he would actually sign his name more detailed. I usually find Google a powerful tool in finding many samples. Thanks.

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Were they all slightly different Anthony? See,s like the B in Billy is the only thing that stays the same.
The B and J part look authentic , but the rest doesnt match up to items I got signed in 2009 .
I looked some things up , Ask the person if they got it signed thru the mail . Cause that signature matches up with the ones people where receiving thru the mail in 2009. I couldnt tell you if it is secreterial or actually signed by Billy .
These where both gotten thru the mail in 2009
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Billy signed this for me at a Dallas hotel in 1990.Hope it helps!
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Thanks, Mark. I do see a match, specially in the "Billy" part. Keep in mind that there is a 18-19 year span comparing both signatures. You are so lucky that you met him, he's my favorite music artist.
It's hard to believe that a man who travels this much and is touring the world has time to sign the loads of fan mail that he receives.



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