Dear fellow collectors, just want to share with you with my new item. Thank you very much for your time. Dmitri.

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Is it just me or it is just a xerox copy??? These autographs are obviously printed (you can see the print dots)....

This is a scan from the printed copy. Autographs are real. Hohestly, I do not have it in my posession yet, I'm away from the country and it is waiting for me at home...

the print dots are in the signature its self if it was a scan of the Of there would be no dots..You bought a reprint my friend.

My friend, your opinion is greatly appreciated even I didn't ask for it. And beleive me my friend, I know difference between re-print, stamp and so on. This attachment went through a lot of copies before it ended up here (partually because of lack of my computer skill). This item comes from the top-sourse, highly reliable and respectable dealer who doen't need your expertise my friend. I just wanted to share my joy with other people that's all. But thank you anyway, my friend.

P.S. I was always amazed how easy some folks can come to the certain conclusions even without chellenging the facts...

His conclusion was dead on according to yourself. Its a scan of a scan or copy due to the lack of your computer skills. But when you get it in hand hopefully you post a better picture. 

This scan is not from the original, it's been printed out , copied and scanned. Authentiy is not an issue here, why everybody is badmothing everybody here? I should never even post it, sorry guys, my mistake. I'm out of this post and this communication.

Are you ok? No one is bad mouthing anything yet pointing out something that you confirmed they were kind of correct. It was in fact a picture of a picture but just not for bad reasons like a fake or reprint. According to you its real and you took a scan of a copy or something. Which someone simply pointed out to you and was right. 

Someone was trying to help you in case you didn't know. Usually when people post pictures of their items they are really clear they were warning you yours may be wrong in case you are about to buy it. 

But apparently you missed this pretty badly. 

 No one was challenging any facts or jumping to conclusions. I think the lesson here is to only post a picture of the actual autographs when you get them. I personally would love to see the real autographed item.

A copy of a copy of a copy but not a copy of the copy.

I'm confused.

Who's on third?



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