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404 from Germany - allegedly geoblocked

Takes a few seconds before the site proceeds from the 404 to the shopping site. But only signed vinyls, no signed CDs.

Yeah geoblocked from UK too :(

What is the link to the signed vinyl?

The link from above took me to the 404 errore page before I was forwarded to the vinyl page. But the vinyl page seems to be gone now as well.

Once again you have to buy a load of junk you dont want to get a signed card 

Yeah - you can probably flog the 7” on discogs but it’s not ideal 

 Yeah maybe, im giving it a miss i was a fan 30 years ago ,now £40 ill keep my money good luck to those who go for it 

Yes it only happens in rip off Britain!

Sad I didn't get an e mail notification for this and I'm signed up on here?

sorry it's posted twice guys, once i realized me and BigZ posted it at the same time I tried to delete but apparently it won't let you once there is a comment on it. 

Only Bon Jovi's sig or is it the whole band? Previous albums were just him?


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