A few years back when I was just getting into autographs, I bought thousands of dollars worth from a dealer who also gave me a certificate of authenticity. A person at a major auction looked at them and said that they were fake. Now I can’t get my money back. Any suggestions?

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Can you post some on here please?..maybe you can get a second opinion

Here are a few.

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Unfortunately the beatles signatures and elvis are definitely fake... Maybe someone else can vouch for the others... Id get letters from Psa or jsa advising fake and then claim your money back if you can

Here is another.On the survey, I wrote who the signatures are supposed to be because they may be difficult to read.

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The doors ones look fake also especially the Jim Morrison imo

Yup. Now I have thousands of dollars of useless paper. Any suggestions on getting my money back? Anybody know of a lawyer who has handled this kind of complaint?

Here is another.

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I know you'd normally require a third party authenticator to look them over and declare them forgeries.. Most reputable are jsa, Psa and Roger epperson.. They can all be found by searching.. Im sure once you have the paperwork back from them any reputable lawyer will take the case. I presume who you bought them off is still trading??  Unfortunately we've all been burnt in the past.. This site will give you a better informed view on anything youre thinking of buying in the future as there's lots of collectors who are specialised in certain genres.. 

It would be helpful if you posted who the dealer was and his COA

Yep totally agree... 

Thanks for your help.

Jim Falkenstern. Notarized letter.

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