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HI i just wanted to check that this wasnt a printed signature given out in the fan club pack or something similar thank you  

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This auction item shows the same page unsigned, so I don’t think it’s a pre-print:


Thank you appreciate that 

A bit off for 1976 to have a full name but they are out there. This is the year he switched to "Bo°-".

Looks OK to me but my area is after the change. Send to Andt at davidbowieautograph.

My April 1976:

The OP It is not by PA's Pitt or Cherry Vanilla. Andy is the man to ask about this one. Something might be amiss.

THank you my leaning is its good if not a print but ill check with bowie autograph to be certain cheers for all the inputs 

A full thumbs up from Andy and a pic is being added to the site ,what a great contact to have ,thank you very much  

Most welcome. I help out there from time to time when needed, My 1976 and 2002 are there as well :)

I noticed your 76 on there,great site very handy  

The other 2002 I have is a signed Ryko Ziggy Stardust CD from 1990. Bowie thought that Ryko disc the most accurate reproduction of the seminal album and bought the remaining stock.


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