This Bowie autograph was recently obtained from Smith & Sons Collectibles. They claim the provenance was a David Bowie concert in Minneapolis, MN in 97, and provided their own COA.

To me, it has many of the signature characteristics of his autograph at the time, and I believe it to be authentic. Would love to hear other's opinions on this one.



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Sorry it's a pretty poor forgery in my opinion 

Thanks - What leads you to this opinion?

Hi. Many things tbh. In these later sigs the "B" should look more like an "R". It's just how he signed. You'd expect to see a resemblance of an "O" but here there's a squiggly line instead. I don't like the numerals either and there's no apostrophe. 

Thanks, and nice observations. One note is the "apostrophe" you're looking for is actually there -- it's just very subtle and hard to see against his black jacket.

Also that loop or "O" we're looking for I think is there, but just much much tighter than any other I've seen. If you look close, it's not a squiggle, but a loop. I agree though, much tighter than the classic figure-8 look I'm used to seeing.

Here's a closer look:

Ah yes apologies I see the apostrophe now. Maybe I'm being too strict calling it a poor forgery. It's at best very atypical though. There is an "O" but I've never seen 1 like that. The "B" is just so strange overall as well. I wouldn't feel comfortable. See what others say. If you've already bought it investing in Epperson's quick opinion may be worth it too

On it - just sent it to Roger to see what he thinks. Thanks.

Forgery. And those are not his numerals.

Thanks for the reply Eric! Admittedly, I speak on almost no authority - but I'm not put off by the numerals.

I found several "9"s on Andy's site at where he claims to show only authentic signatures. His 9's are all over the place (one photo below has three 9's on the same exact autograph that all look different) and several of these are comparable in style and flow, all from the mid to late 90s. Here's the examples, with mine at the top:

not real IMO

Yeah, but it ain't real.

Oh, well, then that seals it.

 Eric really knows his Bowie stuff and I totally agree with everyone here, it's not a real Bowie at all.This example is not close (too many red flags to go into) but I hope you are able to get a full refund. 


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