Hi folks,

I am trying to help out a friend who's late father left quit a collection of records and also some signed stuff which I asume he bought in good faith. I am afraid that his dad got ripped off as none of the graphs look promissing to me but as I would never call myself an expert I would like to know what you guys think of this graphs.

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I can not open attachments? 

Bowie looks good to me. :-) 

But wait for Eric and Mark. 

Hmm I think I need to look closer at that ''B'' and flop when will be home. 

Ok I'm home and when I zoom it and increase the contrast, I can see the pressure of the pen in a place that a right-handed man would do... I do not like B and flop from that but I see even good things.. I would ask to Mark and Andy too for more opitions. Let us know if you find more. :-)

I'm not a fan of the Bowie. There's a few alarm bells for me 

I don't like bowie, but wait for Eric he is the Boss!


Happy Holidays everyone! I'd pass on that Bowie.

Obviously we have seen worse, but that numeral "3"...

So a clear no on the Bowie.


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