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Signed artcard options on UK boygenius store.

Boygenius are Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus

boygenius Official UK Store (xboygeniusx.com)

boygenius Official UK Store (xboygeniusx.com)

boygenius Official UK Store (xboygeniusx.com)

boygenius: The Record CD + Signed Art Card Bundle

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Thanks had been hoping something would come up for this

Not sure if I want to try this again.

- it's Universal, who in my experience have bad customer service

- they prepare us for the fact that the signed item won't ship until later. 

- they specifically mention on the product page an item value of £0.01 for the signed item

All this tells me is that if the signed item is severely delayed like often happens in UK and/or suddenly it can not be delivered at all "due to circumstances", we can expect CS to try to get away with a £0.01 refund as that is the value of the item.

I was going to buy the album anyway but touch wood I've never not received what I've ordered from Universal in terms of signed items although I know from here that it has happened.

its say £0.01 for signed element the vinyl or cd is priced separate.

That's what I said (or tried to).

So they ship out the CD or vinyl and promise to send out the signed card later.

If they endlessly delay sending the signed item or the package goes missing, you can make a claim but will only get back £0.01 as that's the value. Even though they know you wouldn't have bought the CD or vinyl without the signed item.

you could return the cd or vinyl and get a refund without any issue its only £00.01 at risk and your original postage.

I too had been waiting for this one! Fingers crossed that Universal don’t hurt us :/ I too have always been fine (in the end) when ordering with them, so fingers crossed this doesn’t break my streak!

It makes me more comfortable to see that they have given further information about when they’re likely to ship in the listing 


Please note, the signed element of this bundle will be shipping separately and will arrive at the end of April. You will be contacted via email once it has been despatched.

Although, it’s interesting that these are UK only, despite all boygenius members being based in the US! Maybe a chart push, particularly given the album has actually just released already…

Yeah it's definitely a chart push. 

I wonder whether these are those smaller Universal Music art cards given the graphic… Wishing the girls the best of luck if they’re expected to fit three signatures in there!

That said, maybe it’s just the design for the store because they’re the same ratio in the vinyl bundles and I imagine those will be the same size as the cd ones anyway.

My guess / hope is it's this - edit - prob not that's a litho not an art card


Looking to hit number 1 in next weeks chart

Putting them out just after the pre-orders have shipped.

the album from rt had 2k available and still available they obviously want to shift more!



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