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Brian Wilson's assistant, Jeff Foskett has been signing for Brian when he takes stuff on the bus, backstage or anywhere that Brian can't be seen.  I have put up here some examples of Jeff's version of Brian's signature so if you got burned you will know.  Don't get anything signed by Brian on this tour unless he is standing in front of you.

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Found this picture on Brians web-site from the current tour which surely suggests these programs were legit? 

then buy all of them you can.  you can lead a horse to water.....

Hi Roger !

We never "spoke" before so first of all thanks for all the great stuff you post here ! Damn this Brian Wilson story is scary ! I saw on You tube that he was signing the "Smile" box set and even if, for some weird reason he decided to sign the side of the box set (that's Brian for you !) There is no doubt that it was him signing ! At least the 4 box sets he signs in front of the camera (check on the link)... Now what about the 2004 Amazon.co.uk in the shadow box ? I bought of those on Ebay with the signed inlay. At first glance the "w" and the "s" look a bit off. Any idea how he signed in 2004 ?



I understand your concern and confusion of how that item was even made available on our website.

As you know from dealing with RR Auction, we take authentication very seriously.

Both PSA and our own very knowledgeable in house authenticator flagged the jersey as not authentic.

Unfortunately, due to a clerical error in our internal communication systems, this jersey slipped through and was not noticed until brought to our attention.

We were quite embarrassed by our editorial mistake and, of course, we immediately withdrew the item from the auction.

RR Auction guarantees every autograph that we sell forever, without time limit.

We are able to confidently make that guarantee because RR Auction takes the extra step of consulting with leading authenticators like Roger Epperson, PSA and over 20 other experts.

Please accept my apologies for this error and we will work harder to make sure that the 1,500 autographs we auction each month are properly vetted before upload.



Hi Bobby

Thanks for the update, well done on that , we all make mistakes so its nice of you to come on here and clear it all up.

I still am unsure on the PSA but I fully back RR Auction as you know i buy and consign with you and I have no problems at all

Best Wishes



I cant beleive anyone questioned the Jimmy Page  We were the only 2 collectors thaat got him all week at those shows and it was not easy ! Who do these people think they are ?

Did you resolve this ? Did they beleive you ?

We got nice signatures yours was better than mine i remember !

 I assume you sold it and for a good price plus completing the Who set ! lol

Was a great week !  I got 20 of the John Entwistle signed posters at $8 each  Have It !!!!!

Im seeing the PSA stuff more regular here but how can they ascertain something is real if they probably know nothing about it !

eg  Britsh soccer stars, they cannot know even who these people are but they issue COAs im informed


Imagine how many poor mugs / idiots are buying these ~$100 programmes ? This should not be allowed its a scam

Hey man I appreciate you shouting this one out as there due in the Uk soon !

speak soon


Never did get it sorted out with PSA.  Joe wouldn't reply to me after I questioned him for calling me a liar.  I also got the John Paul Jones myself at Fitzgeralds here in Houston about a year or two before I got Jimmy to finish it.  I told Joe that there is no "opinion" about those two signatures< I got them myself.  Now if he wanted to say in their opinion that the Plant and Bonham were not real that would be an opinion, a poor one but an opinion.  The ones I got myself don't need an opinion.  I'm being sued for many, many thousands of dollars over this.  I will win but it will cost me for now.  Joe just hides behind the stacks of cash they collect and ignores me.  The Jimmy Page you are correct, it's perfect, I told him I was his friends guitar teacher, which I was.  That's what made him stop and sign. 

That was a great time too.  That show we saw was the very last Who concert performed with John in the band. 

Glad I could help the UK out brutha, don't buy the fakes at the show!


do u need a statement from me regarding the page ?

as for the Who did they not play in vegas before he died

if not we are part of history !

No, it wouldn't do any good.  Joe won't return my emails so that's that.  I will deal with it in court.  I will post the album tomorrow unless Steve has the image still he could post it.

No, John died during before they played the first show.  We were part of history mate!

wow ! Seriously your going to court to prove a item you actually got signed with me in London is real !!! Thats crazy

Its mad, as for me..... 2  UK dealers (UACC / AFTAL have now fallen out with me because I trust your opinion on the Michael Jacksons.

One even said I should emigrate to America because Im that much in Love with you ?

Strange but true

I would love to see that lp again

Awe, I'd marry you in a minute Gary! LOL!!!

Yes its the truth.  I don't know if it will settle or not before but I have at least $1000 in legal fees so far regarding this. 

As to the dealers that you have had a fallen out with....welcome to my world, the world of being honest and telling the truth!

I have to be careful what I write as i know lots of people in UK read this

but i offered an opinion, they did not like it and thre you go

I am awatitng the reaction to the Macca stuff you put on


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