Hey all- First time posting on this forum just hoping to get some help. I recently bought this funko signed by actress Brie Larson. However, I am not entirely sure whether its legit or not- it very closely matches some of her certified signatures but you can never tell with autographs. The seller has 100% positive feedback on hundreds of signatures, and surprisingly encouraged me to send it along to a TPA, and promised me that no matter how long it took, if it came back likely not genuine i'd get a full refund. I want to believe its real and avoid the hassle of a TPA, but my head tells me to get it checked and certified anyways. Can anyone here help me get peace of mind? Thanks guys!

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no it's not real. all of their stuff is garbage. the seller has multiple ebay accounts selling these horribly faked signed funko pops

thats what i suspected, they have quite a few available which is always suspicious. any chance you could provide links to the other accounts/obvious fake examples? it's going to save me a month and $25 on the fee

(oh, and of course the price i paid for the pop!)

fake examples of brie larson or other funkos that they have sold? everything you see in this link is one of their fake signed funkos. 


so my best route is to just return now and not waste time with authentication? some of those do look off based on what i've seen.

yes get a refund. beckett or psa/dna will fail it

a seller who doesnt accept returns accepted my return request (complained it was fake) within five minutes. not surprised, but hoping it would break the other way.



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