British Royals presentation photos - any signed mounts autopenned?

I assume it would be difficult to autopen a mount around a photo but has anyone seen an autopenned mount by one of the British Royals? The item that has raised this query is this one:

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I’ve read a lot of incorrect assumptions about autopen signatures and machines in recent times.  There is nothing to prevent a machine from signing a photographic mount such as this.

Obviously, 1980 was done years ago, and the technology has improved a little since then, but this autopen machine manufacturer boasts that, “Any surface that can be signed by hand can be signed by signature machines – from letters to sports memorabilia to business cards.”

These signed photos of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were sent out in their thousands all across Britain and the Commonwealth (and probably beyond).  I’ve seen several in person, including one proudly displayed in the hallway of a former employer of mine.  They can be found in council offices and other public buildings up and down the land.

Here is another example of the one you are questioning:

Wow Stepeanut - what a great reply! I certainly won't risk bidding for the one in the OP. I had my doubts as the covering letter never actually mentions the word "signed":

You’re very welcome.  Glad to be of help in preventing a potentially costly mistake.

The royals are not my area of expertise, but I do know that the former queen got her first autopen machine in 1959, so it’s wise to question anything after that date — especially anything mass produced, such as these official signed photographs, Christmas cards, etc.

Yep. Christmas cards are another big offender.



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