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I have seen a lot good and bad from these two over the years from the Green Hornet era, but if it is fake, it's a good one IMO.

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Strange how the age tone stops short of the left side. Looks a bit odd. The signature appears good but you need Kato the Master to weigh in. At least the characters don't appear as gibberish like so many poor forgeries.

Thanks Eric 

I moved this discussion to Bruce Lee autographs. You should get more responses here.

Thank you Steve 

I don't appear to have an further response and I'm unable to find my original post now - I'm replying here from my emails replies.

Could you direct met o Bruce Lee Autographs please? 

Hi Owen,

Here is a link to Lee autographs:


I also wrote Kato the Master to ask if he would look over this for you.

Thank you Eric 


It can take time for people to respond. I'll send a note to our member who knows his autograph best, KatoTheMaster.

It's not real in my opinion, but Kato is the opinion you really need.

Thanks Steve 

I dont believe this is a authentic Bruce signature, I would keep away from this one. Kato looks off to.

Thanks Kato. :)

Thank you Kato, I've just been looking at the Van Williams part (which I ignored to begin with) and I'm now very doubtful also.




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