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Very cool, thank you!! 

Many thanks!

Longtime fan here.  I already own five Ferry/Roxy autographed items, but I’m still all over this.  Order placed.

Out of stock already.

Available @ Waterstones

Great find, thanks.  I managed to pick up an extra copy for my son!

Thank you. Just snagged one,

Thanks, got one since i may not see him on tour

Arrived this morning:

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Cool, thanks for posting. Excited about this one arriving.

You’re welcome, both.  I will be collecting my second copy in a couple of hours’ time.

Nice as the Ferry book is, it’s not even my best arrival of the day.  That honour goes to my association copy of Public Enemy’s authorised bio, signed and dedicated by Chuck D to the band’s U.K. publicist.  That’s the kind of unique item I absolutely love.  See here, if you’re interested:


Btw, I’ve no idea why the forum rotates some of my photos and not others.


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