What is this communities thoughts on autographs being considered investments?

My thoughts are collect what you enjoy first and foremost, if for some reason they go up in value that is just an extra benefit.

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hell yes 

and david gilmours guitar just sold for 4 million dollars today

Nope waste of money.

I don’t see how the value will increase. Pink Floyd is great but do kids today even know who they are? I doubt it. 

I bet in 15 years the guitar only sells for $2 million or it goes to the rock n roll hall of fame to never be sold again.

Jerry Garcias guitar doubled in value in around 10 years. From under 1 million to 2 million. 

I bet the Colts owner bought this

jim bought john lennons piano last couple months ago

he likes great stuff but wont get in a bidding war so it will beinteresting to see if him or the hardrock or fender or someone else bought it

What happened to Eric Clapton’s guitars after his auctions? That would be a good gauge. The bigger question is who could push up price in years to come? Will there be any big Pink Floyd revivals in the future? I also have seen a lot of collectibles stall out at $4million other than artwork. 

I don’t see it increasing in value but that does not mean I am right.

If you hold onto your autographs for 50 years then they might be worth something if we're still alive.

Oh I think autographs can be a good investment.  It just depends on many factors, as most investments do.

What I will never understand is the crazy prices for some sports cards.  I mean I like them too to a certain extent.  I don’t collect them now.  But some increase in value A LOT!

I still wish I had my 1962 Wilt Chamberlain rookie card.  I bought it on eBay for $660 in about 2002.  It was graded PSA 9 (OC) Mint.  I sold it in 2004 to a guy for $700.  I was getting money together for a Babe Ruth item.  

The guy I sold it to held on to it for a long time.  He sold it on eBay this year for $5,750.  Bottom line is I will never ever own a Wilt rookie again of that high grade.

The OC part means “off center”.  Mint 9 without the OC can sell for $50,000 or more.

exactly as I said its like the stockmarket or collecting artwork

u need to do some homework have some luck and have some deep pockets to sustain the eb and flow

we had a guy just pay 50 plus k for a beatles sgt peepers and everyone belives he stole it.

there was a few dave morels beatles stuff that only got one bid recencetly I bet they flip for 3 or 4 times in price in near future but u had to invest over 100k or more

I can’t say I know anything about his guitars, but I’m not sure that investment will pay dividends.  But then again, I don’t know enough about the Black just ignore this comment.  ;) 

Yet, what’s remarkable is that it was estimated pre-auction to go for $100k- $150k.  And then it sells for almost $4 million.  Wow!

the eastimastes were a joke and and everyone new it .it was always supposed to sell for 1 to 2 million

all there estimates were a joke in the auction is all a marketing play



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