canadian pawn show states full set fake even with COA from tracks very interesting!

hi guys check this out very interesting even when he supposedly had purchased from tracks 

cheers alfie 

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I’ve seen this before. I think it’s more silly than it is interesting.

I agree 

That’s why a lot of these shows are total crap, that was a lovely set.  

I agree, I would absolutely buy that set for the right price. 

Don't trust authentication advice from someone who doesn't even own one set.

I've seen this before...nice set on an October 1962 promo card.

The really funny thing is that the so called “expert” that worked for the show authenticated the autographs before the panel saw them.  The main guy on the panel who was interested in the autographs didn’t want to hear from the shows “expert” because he knew better.  I think the real story is he knew he couldn’t fork over enough cash to buy the set so he said they were fake!!!  The set sold to a US collector several months after the show aired. And yes sold for a very nice price!!!

An autograph expert told me there are people who have no clues about Beatles autographs. The people on this Canada Pawn Show have absolutely no clue about these autographs 

What a knucklehead show. If one doesn't know what they're talking about, it's best to be quiet - or go on a bathroom break.

Didn't think I've ever see a show worse than Pawn Stars - but this one has met it's match.

I wrote to the guy on the show at that time and told him he'd better stick to furniture....


Well it’s their loss I guess 

They should hire Drew Max AAU like pawn Stars did. Unfortunately, the scammer he passed away in April.

He left behind quite a legacy with the big magnifying glass and fake Forensic Certificates everywhere.




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